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Answering A Critic On Women Bishops

Facebook. From a friend.  Can any follower of Christianity explain how the hell they accomplish the mental juggling necessary to allow a female bishop? It clearly states in your bible that women should remain quiet in church yet you lot claim to follow the bible. (Corinthians 14:34). The mind boggles at the level of mental gymnastics going on! Jez Field , you're usually quite good at explaining stuff like out a heathen! So this is what I replied... Hi Leonard. Love your question, assuming it is a question and not just a 'here's something I don't understand - and aren't religious people stupid because of it!' - sort of question I'll have a go at answering it. There's a lot that could be said but 2 things that I think are worth pointing out. 1) I think the Anglicans are wrong to do so. 2) The 1 Corinthians isn't prohibiting women talking in a gathered setting as you might think. 1: I love the church of England. I love a lo

The Father's Side

Devotional studies considering the revelation of the Father in John's gospel. Scripture This morning's full text can be found here No one has ever seen God;  the only God,  who is at the Father's side,   he has made him known. John 1:18 Observation Let's look at this verse together and walk through what it means. Keep it in front of you if you can as we go. The statement contained in this verse is linked to the statement about grace and truth mentioned in the previous one. The law, we're told, came through Moses whereas grace and truth came through Jesus. It's interesting to note that the arrival of grace and truth, in the way it's written here, reads as though it is comparable to the promise made by God in Moses' day. The word that's often used for this promise is 'covenant' which means 'binding promise'. In the way that John introduces the idea here it seems that grace and truth is not just a nice concept it's a ne