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A Promise To All

There is an attitude in the mind of the Christian that needs to be dealt with. It's an 'us' and 'them' that divides the church into two groups - the clergy and the laity/the professionals and the amateurs (or producers and consumers!).  It isn't a healthy or biblical way to think and not 'killing it' disables us from living an effective Christian life and it robs the church of its power.  Jesus said 'my sheep hear my voice and they follow me'. All of us in the same camp/category, all of us 'sheep'. In John 15, speaking to his disciples, he said: Abide  in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.   5  I am the vine;  you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that  bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.   6   Every Christian is a disciple and every disciple is called to 'abide' in Jes

Signs of Life

                                                                                                                green shoots  This past week I've had two encouraging moments as a missionary that I wanted to share.  I love Jesus and I love his church, and I really want to help make it easier for non-churched, non-Jesus loving people to fall in love them as well. For a long time in church we have been committed to the vision of 'every member ministry' (priesthood of all believers) but what I want churchfolk to see and be reminded of is that we also believe just as passionately in 'every member missionary' - as in Jesus' words in Acts 1 ' will be my witnesses'. For a while now we've stressed the words that come immediately before that statement of Jesus' ' when the Holy Spirit comes on you , you will be my witnesses.' but not part about being witnesses. The trouble is that by doing so we have inadvertently created a 

The Material World Vs Elfland

Beware the dehumanising materialism of men like Richard Dawkins. That is all. Yesterday there was a flurry of activity again as he 'came out' against... fairy tales. Yes Richard is now trying to topple beanstalks and rescue fair maidens from dragons. Articles with tag lines like ' reading fairy stories to children is harmful, says Richard Dawkins ' flooded social medias. Well it just happened that this morning I came to the next chapter in a book I'm reading that explores the value of fairy stories. The chapter is entitled ' The Ethics of Elfland ' and it appears in 'Orthodoxy' by G K Chesterton, an influential writer and thinker in the early part of the 20th Century. The reason Dawkins has a problem with fairy stories is ultimately because of a belief on his part about what makes us fundamentally human. For him fairy stories and tales of the supernatural are a throw back to an era in human history when we were less evolved and advanced. For h

The Unreported War

In many parts of the world Christianity is being violently and systematically eradicated, and so few of the stories make it into our headlines. Below are some quotes and statistics about it. As I come across articles or information about the persecution of Christians I intend to publish it here. If it interests you at all, please pop back from time to time. It is my hope that this acts both as a way of documenting & raising awareness, about what has been described in  The Spectator  as the greatest war never reported on , that is the war of anti-Christian persecution raging in many parts of the globe. It was brought to my attention when I read a 99p ebook from Amazon entitled  The Silence of Our Friends . I have typed up several stand out quotes and key ideas from the book  here  in case anyone's interested in a summary. This began a series of 'eye opening' discoveries about something that receives so little media coverage. To start with, here's a quote from t

Aliens & Strangers

Do you remember the film the Flight of the Navigator?  In it a young boy discovers a space craft in the woods, goes for a flight in it and upon returning learns that he's been missing for a long time. Years have gone by and his family have all but given him up as dead. His once family home is now owned by another family and everyone he knew has aged considerably and built their lives without him in it. Imagine returning from a trip to discover that everything you knew and loved had changed, that you no longer belonged to that place. You no longer fit in and are very aware of the fact. Increasingly I feel like that.  I don't understand the society I live in and so few people seem alarmed by the same things I am. Now I don't pretend to understand politics, I don't really get how our system of government works - perhaps someone could help me here? - but today I saw a newspaper headline that only confirmed for me all the more that, I don't belong here.  Two w