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I believe in a thing called love

'Love' said one boy to another 'is a very real and powerful emotion, it drives people to do all sorts of crazy things.' 'it's a delusion.' replied the other 'there's no such thing as love. It's simply an imbalance of hormones. I don't believe in love.' 'But I've seen it. I know people who've been affected by it, who sing songs about it, who make radical life changes to get it. It's real, how can you say 'I don't believe in it?'' 'I only believe in things I can see.' 'You can see love. Just go to the next school disco.' 'That's not love, that's adolescence. It's called the development of our need to reproduce and secure an evolutionary future. It's called insecurity needing to find security or lust needing to find an finishing point, it's not romantic, it's not noble, it's not love.' 'ok, perhaps the school disco isn't the best place to

So. How would I answer it?

Off the bat without giving it much research, these are my thoughts on 3 passages in the OT raised by a friend who had a problem with them. They that seem to present God as approving of violence and brutality to other people. I don't pretend that this is the right answer, but it's where I'm at before I go ahead and look into it further: First before we get into it, let's be honest. We all have presuppositions. For my friend when he reads passages in the Bible like the ones I'll quote he has prior commitments to his interpretation. His presuppositions probably go something like this - there is no god and religion is an evil that is used to justify all sorts of heinous crimes. This affects the way he reads these passages. He's looking for a fight and gets one. He's also unlikely to give the Bible much sympathy within it's historical setting. He is unlikely to take into consideration the fact that the Bible is an ancient text written by over 30 authors ac

Beautiful Things

I'm free! I'm healed! I'm whole! I've forgiven and the weight has lifted! Having just returned from a fantastic week of training I was in the kitchen reflecting on all this and wondering why it is that freed from sin people often fall back into sin or happy, whole people fall back into despair and despondency when I was reminded of my back garden. I like gardening. I never thought I would but when we bought our first house I caught the bug. There's little else in life you can spend so little time working on but get such huge satisfaction from. It's amazing. I can spend 15 minutes with my fingers in the dirt pulling up weeds and trimming bushes, stand back and feel a rush of satisfaction - yes I just used the word  rush  about gardening. After a good days gardening, beauty and order has been brought to the garden - job done. For days afterwards I'll come down to breakfast, put the kettle on and just stand and stare out into the garden. The frustratin