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Truth? You're not serious are you?

Truth, we’re all concerned with it aren’t we? Are we? We might not all sit around for hours on end wondering about the nature of truth and the meaning of life but we all live according to the conclusions we draw from the world around us. We listen to the music, we watch the movies and we enjoy the TV shows that most reflect what we believe about the world (the value systems we agree with) and we hang around with people who have a like mind to ours. ‘Truth’ is a grand word that we don’t use too much, it sounds far too unreachable and ever so slightly arrogant , who are we after all, to say what’s true and what’s not? A few years ago a popular band released an album called ‘This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours’. It got to #1 in the charts. I like the title, it’s catchy and I can relate to it. I don’t like being preached at any more than you do but I can appreciate someone elses version of the truth, I like a good discussion every now and then. I wonder what you think when someone says the w

More than matter?

I'm not afraid of evolution, I just don't want to be there when it happens. I'm not sure how 'fit' I am for survival, I'm not sure how fit many of us are. That's the trouble with being at the top of the food chain in affluent, comfortable-class Britain, we've got flabby. I can't run very fast (except around a squash court once a week and even then I'm close to exhaustion), I have no idea how to skin an animal and I am largely a walking DIY disaster. I'm hardly ruthless (unless I'm playing monopoly) and would be useless at using my malice to manoeuvre myself into survival if ever I needed to. No it's true, the process of de-volution has begun and I'm the evidence of it. The only question is - who will replace us as the dominant species... the jellyfish? There are a couple of things however that I've been considering recently when it comes to the whole area of evolution. You see for many people evolution is the Grand Theor