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Religion is the cause of the world's problems.

'Religion causes most of the world's problems' I agree, which may sound surprising but it shouldn't. Religion brings guilt and a heavy load. Religion points out our flaws but never offers any help in fixing them. It is a hard graft to be a religious person, a life often marked by self-control and piety but not joy and pleasure. If it doesn't make a man miserable it'll make him proud and self-righteous. Religion divides and separates, and it creates hierarchies and racism. It tells me that one particular type of person is better than another, that one particular gender is superior or that one particular race more elite. If you're on the team then you're proud (at best) or a self-righteous bigot at worst. Religion is great at appealing to that part of us that wants to be better, wants to become nicer and wants to feel justified. Religion is good for giving people a safety net at the grave, a 'hedge your bets' option that promises peace of mind to