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Euangelion: News or Advice?

Euangelion. (u-an-gell-eon) It's the word the Bible writers' used to described the Christian message. It's a Greek word, they spoke Greek. It means 'Good news'. Have you ever thought (or understood) that Christianity is essentially news. It isn't advice, it's a report of something that's happenned. Advice tells you 'do this and you'll be happier' or 'try this and you can be better.' ADVICE is offered and rejected, ADVICE can be taken or left, news is different. NEWS is static, NEWS reports, NEWS isn't concerned primarily with your response but with the facts of what's happened. Here's some Bible quotes that back that up: Peter talking to the crowd on Pentecost 'You handed him over to be crucified but on the third day God raised him to life.' NEWS Paul tells his closest friend 'Christ Jesus died for sinner's of whom I'm the worst' NEWS John tells the religious leaders 'There is no oth