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It Matters

James 5:16 It's not a Bible verse that's spoken of too much but it's important nonetheless. We live in a day where almost anything goes and in an age of increasing anonymity and lack of accountability. I can look at what I want to, when I want to. More and more we're encouraged to behave like mini chiefs in a fiefdom. We're told we can order our worlds without any real concern for a wider family or community; that y ou are number 1. You are king Therefore,  confess your sins to one another and pray for one another,  that you may be healed.                                                                                          --  James 5:16  It's important we take this verse seriously. Important not only because of a Christian's call to be part of a community, but important because of the nature of sin. We like to think of ourselves as free to be and do whatever we please but Jesus tells us that 'whoever sins is a slave to sin.' John 8:34

dm: initiative

Disciple making involves several 'i's. If we truly believe that our calling as Christians is to both be a disciple of Jesus and to  make disciples of others then it ought to affect the way we do life and the way do church. I'm passionate about us doing the Christian life together in a new way (which is really the oldest way around). Several 'i's of disciple making are: initiative, inconvenience and intentional. Let's have a brief look at each one in turn: Initiative No one can live the Christian life for you and being a disciple is not a passive activity. By its very nature it involves an ongoing process of following and learning. Jesus told his followers to 'go and make disciples' and indicated the ongoing nature of being a disciple when he told them to do this by 'teaching them to obey all that I have commanded.' Teaching them implies an ongoing learning and applying and living out. ed=dm means that 'ed' (every disciple) i