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The soundtrack of our lives

Del Amitri Roll To Me , Seal Kiss From A Rose  and Shanks & Bigfoot Sweet Like Chocolate;  Three songs that mean a lot to me. Roll To Me was played to death on a skiing trip in France aged 18 and every time I hear it I'm transported back there and can recall with striking intensity, the minibus ride through France and up the Alps.  Kiss From A Rose - the summer of 1994, Batman Forever and Summer Squash Camps at Lee On Solent and Sweet Like Chocolate  the summer of 1999 and leaving school, of beach parties, fruit picking and the Solent in the sun, magical. Songs have a way of conjuring up memories, of transporting us. Do you ever wonder what the soundtrack to your life would consist of? If I was to listen to my life I wonder what the reoccurring themes would be? What would shine through as the most listened to pieces of music or genres of music? Would it be my overdose on Nirvana and Guns N' Roses when I was 14 or my brief flirtation with Hip Hop & R&B in 2001?