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Liberal Life & My Vision For 2015

I love living in a liberal society I really do, but I'm becoming increasingly concerned about it as well. By liberal I mean loose and tolerant. It's wonderful to live in a culture that has so few taboos and even the ones it does have are there to try and preserve the spirit of liberalism and acceptance. Wonderful, but also a bit unnerving especially since things move so fast nowadays. Who knows what popular culture will be prizing and demonising in 50 years time. It seems that even the most open-minded of people could well find themselves on the 'wrong side of history' if they refuse to keep pace with the flow of ideas and the shifting of values. Four times. Four times this year I've heard in varying formats the idea that for some people paedophilia is a normal perversion, a birth defect like say diabetes  (as one expert suggested in a recent documentary). The underlying point being made in each setting was that since this is a rea

What Jesus Means To Me

It's Christmas time! But what's all the fuss about? This is a short blog on who Jesus is and what he means to me. If you've ever wondered why a baby in a manger means so much to so many people here's something I read recently that will help. You see although the Bible doesn't have too much to say about the Christmas card scene of oxen and donkeys, swaddling cloths and inn keepers it does wax lyrical about the identity and implications of just who the baby in the crib is: Jesus Christ, God's perfect Son, is the Beloved of the Father, the Song of the angels, the Logic of creation, the great Mystery of godliness, the bottomless Spring of life, comfort and joy. We were made to find our satisfaction, our heart's rest, in him.  We can get distracted by so many things and not just at Christmas time as well. We in the church as much as those outside take only fleeting glimpses at Jesus before 'graduating' onto something else: It's not just our s

God the Father: Grace & Truth

Devotional reflections on the Father from John's gospel Scripture This morning's full reading can be found here 'and  the Word  became flesh and  dwelt among us,  and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of  grace and  truth.' John 1:14   Observation To begin with, let's ask a couple of questions about this verse: What is glory and whose glory have we seen?  Glory ; it's a hard word to properly define and explain. It's a word that's similar to  majesty  except less inseparable from royalty, and it's shinier in appearance. The dictionary uses words like resplendent, honour, praiseworthy to describe it. It could also be simplified to mean 'value' or 'worth' and in this sense John (the writer of this gospel) is saying, 'we have seen his value . ' or 'we have seen how worthy he is'. But whose value or worth is John talking about? We can't just assume we know the answe