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The Inevitability of Dominoes

One falls and they all fall, that's how it works isn't it? It does if you've set it up right. There are few things more anti-climatic than a poorly arranged domino chain. It just gets going, just starts to gain momentum and then... it's over. 'Decisions are like dominos' someone once told me, it's stuck with me. He was right. Every decision we make whether big or small has consequences to it. We can't always see all the implications of every decision we make but we know there'll be some. Take my decision to ask a friend to shave my hair off a week before my wedding... small decision, a lot of grief and a lot of dominoes. Now every time we look at our wedding photos, I'm reminded of that decision. Little did I know as I did it that I'd forever be plagued by the memory of it, rarely does the 'issue' not come up when talking with friends about our wedding day. Rash decision, many dominoes. Right now I'm in the process of watchi