May Madness

Each May we put down our screens and learn to enjoy the world as it is, digital free. Below are some of the things we've learnt along the way:


Zach: I enjoyed May Madness. I also found it difficult because we had to wait a very long time to go back on screens. Instead of going on screens I played football with Toby and with dinosaurs and cars, and I went to Drusillas and Dinos.

This May Madness I became a Christian. I also did lots of writing instead of going on screens.

Riley: I have enjoyed May Madness. I haven't found it difficult. Instead of going on screens I have done reading, and playing on the piano. I have learnt that screens addict and dig into your imagination but reading and playing help your imagination.

Toby: Has probably found it the hardest!

Mummy & Daddy: Have noticed happy children playing and reading more than usual and have less arguments with them - generally a happier household.


Zach: I haven't enjoyed May Madness because we couldn't go on screens and that was boring. Instead of going on screens i have used by imagination and gone on the trampoline. It has been difficult.

Riley: I have enjoyed May Madness. It's been good because you play more games like Molky as a family.

Toby: Toby has been better than last year although has asked for screens more than the others.

Mummy & Daddy: again we've noticed that the kids are more active, use their imaginations and play more together. We'd like to carry it on for longer!


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