The Father to be known

Today's reading is John 16:1-15.
Our verse for the day is verse 3:
And these they will do because they have not known the Father nor me.
John 16:3

The reason, Jesus says, that people (and indeed do) persecute disciple of his is that they do not know the Father. We might have been tempted to say it was because of other things: pride, jealousy, the devil or even a whole manner of things. For Jesus however it's simple: they don't know the Father. They think they're pleasing God, but they don't even know him. Serving God is one thing but knowing him is what really matters. Because you can't actually serve him and do his will until or unless you know him.

Know the Father. When you know him, you'll behave differently. It is knowing the Father and not simply knowing God that counts. Sin comes from not knowing the Father. Prejudice comes from not knowing the Father. Jealousy comes from not knowing the Father.


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