The Father Is Generous


Today's Bible reading is John 15:1-17

'All that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you.'
John 15:15
The Son brings us into his confidence. He tells us, or at least he told them who later passed it on to us, all that he heard or hears from his Father.

About the Father we learn that he is a speaking Father who taught and instructed his Son clearly.

The Son is not treated like a servant but a friend. He is told about his Father's business. His Father hasn't kept him in the dark. This then is how the Trinity behaves. God speaks and share with his own. Those who might be outsiders he brings in. Servants become friends and Sons who are invited into and share ownership of the family business. Then, following on from this specific mention of the Father is the next time he's mentioned:

Whatever we ask the Father in Jesus' name. he gives to us.

We've been brought into friendship with Christ so that we bear fruit, lasting fruit and receive from the Father. We receive by being able to ask in the Son's name, authority, authrship and confidence. We're able to ask in the Son's name because he's revealed his 'business' to us and made us friends. We're able to be in the right task in our asking that means the Father will approve our requests.

The Father is generous. God is generous. I am a recipient of his Generosity.


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