The Father's House

In my Father's house are many rooms... I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself.
John 14:2

We are being invited to be with the Father. Just as the Son loves the Father and the Father the Son we are being offered the same access to intimacy and friendship as that.

Jesus is returning to his Father but promises to take us with him, which is what he sees as the highest good he could do us.

The Father owns a house. The house has rooms currently unused as places of residence. The Father is happy for us to go and live in one of these rooms. I don't get the impression that Jesus is acting against his Father's wishes when he says this. Jesus sees us living with him and his Father, something he sees as a desirable good: 'You'll want this, this is the culmination of 3 years on the road with me.'

The Father is relational. We relate to him by being with the Son and where the Son is. God the Father is expecting us to live with him, he allows it which means he wants it.

This is the Father. This is our final destination, not heaven but home with the Father.


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