The Father Who Seeks His Son's Glory

'I do not seek my own glory; there is One who seeks it and he is the judge.' John 8:50
God the Father, honoured by the Son, seeks the glory of his Son. This gives us a big insight into what motivates all of the Father's instructions to the Son. He wants the Son to be glorified and receive honour and glory. He doesn't only 'want' it, he is actively seeking it out. He is going after it. He loves his Son and wants others to as well. He is like a proud parent always putting his Son first and Son's honour first. This desire of the Father motivates all he does.

I am a son. I am a son in the Son. We are children of that very same Father. This is his inclination toward me. As I seek him and honour him, he seeks the honour of his Son in the people of his Son.


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