The Father Who Draws People To the Son

Devotional studies in the Father from John's Gospel


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Jesus answered them, 'Do not grumble among yourselves. No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.'
John 6:43

In this Bible verse we learn that the Father is both the gatekeeper of the Son and also the one who initiates salvation. What I mean is this:

  • God the Father draws people to the Son ('No one can come... unless the Father... draws him') and is therefore out and about in people's lives bringing individuals to the Son.
  • The very fact that there is a salvation on offer at all is a result of God the Father sending the Son ('The Father who sent me...').

We have this strange double-idea in salvation. The Father draws people (and no one who comes to Christ comes unless the Father draws him), but also elsewhere Jesus says 'I have come to seek and save the lost' (Luke 19:10).

Jesus is looking for those that the Father is drawing to the Son. He is looking to see where the Father is working. There is a sense in which the Father and the Son are labouring together, each doing a distinct role. They are a partnership and team.

It is this relationship that we're invited into.

So, we have seen:
  1. It's the Father's desire that all who look to the Son for life are saved.
  2. No one who comes, comes unless the Father draws him.
  3. Jesus only ever does the will of the One who sent him.
  4. Jesus is seeking and saving the lost. 
The next verse says this:
'Everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to me.'
John 6:44
Once God the Father speaks to people they're drawn to Jesus. It's as though this is the inevitable outcome of being spoken to or taught by the Father.


The Father speaks and says 'See my Son!' or he speaks in such a way that we find ourselves lacking in satisfaction until we get to Jesus.

The Father who made all things could tell us any number of mysteries and perform any amount of wonders but his priority is to tell us about the Son. He wants us to learn from, be near to and be around the Son.

Do you see what the Father sees in the Son?

The Father always gives us what we need most of all and for him step one of a thousand mile journey must always begin with the Son. All other steps besides this one are missteps that will need to be repeated.

This Bible verse also gives me confidence and comfort. It gives me confidence that evangelism (the act of sharing the gospel) isn't a fruitless endeavour since the Father wants people to come to him. It gives me comfort because I'm reminded that the reason I came to the Son and became a Christian was, in the first instance, because the Father willed it. The Father chose me, he chose you and he's choosing those we live around, desiring that all of them and us see the Son as he does.


Thank you Father. Thank you for choosing me, for bringing me to the Son. Thank you that you found me and having found me you didn't punish me; instead you punished Jesus in order that I might be free and forgiven and have life in his name. I love you Father and am so grateful for your calling of me.


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